Alig Technology annuncia l'uscita di Invisalign G5

Con l'eccellente e costante lavoro dei laboratori di align technology si utilizzera' nel prossimo futuro Invisalign G5, evoluzione di questa tecnologiase di sistema ortodontico invisibile permettera' di trattare casi di morso profondo severo con migliori risultati clinici

Invisalign G5 is engineered to help doctors achieve even better clinical outcomes when treating deep bites. Invisalign G5 offers comprehensive features dedicated to deep bite treatment, including:

  • New SmartForce attachments and pressure areas designed to level the curve of Spee by improving control of premolar extrusion and anterior intrusion for more predictable deep bite treatments.
  • Precision aligner bite ramps designed to disocclude the posterior teeth for improved efficiency in deep bite treatments.

“Invisalign G5 is our first set of innovations designed to enhance treatment predictability for a specific type of malocclusion,” said John P. Graham, Align Technology's vice president, marketing and chief marketing officer. “Deep bite is a very prevalent, functional problem that is important to correct, with an estimated 45 percent of adult and teen patients presenting with this orthodontic problem.* We're pleased to introduce this set of innovative features that addresses such a big part of our customers' practices and that will help drive increased utilization of Invisalign over time.”

Invisalign G5 is the latest in a series of SmartForce innovations that include Optimized Attachments and Power Ridge® features. SmartForce features are engineered to deliver the forces needed to achieve predictable tooth movements with Invisalign. Based on biomechanical principles, SmartForce features are customized for each tooth using advanced virtual modeling and are positioned precisely to deliver the proper forces.

Invisalign G5 innovations for deep bite will be available on all Invisalign treatment options at no additional cost to Invisalign-trained providers worldwide in the first quarter of 2014.


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